Facet Consulting

Facet Consulting

Solutions for complex applications.


How does Facet work with its Clients

As a global company with clients spread worldwide, Facet can deliver IT services to meet the needs of our clients anywhere in the world

Where exactly

Some of the countries we have successfully delivered our services are:

How does Facet operate

Our work is carried out in close consultation with our clients, wherever they may be located. Where required, Facet uses a secure connection to our clients' systems whether they are based in Australia or overseas.

Facet operate their own technical infrastructure, which includes:

Facet consultants liaise closely with clients to define and agree upon the project scope and requirements.

A consultation process through client meetings, workshops and interviews enables Facet consultants and the client to achieve an accurate project definition before any work commences.

Our company uses the latest industry productivity tools to ensure that solutions are delivered to a high level of quality, efficiently and effectively. The provision of this infrastructure ensures Facet can become the outsource supplier of choice for clients when they require additional skilled development resources, without the distractions of acquiring further office space, hardware or re-negotiating software licensing.

All project deliverables are developed according to the high corporate standards that have been developed and adopted by Facet, unless otherwise required by the client, and in line with the agreed Project Plan. The quality of deliverables is controlled by a formal peer review by the client.