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CA Gen Upgrades

Why upgrade

CA Gen applications are usually large, critical applications to our clients that cannot have long downtime periods. Upgrading will bring them back to CA vendor support, as well as third party vendor support, and minimise the risk of extended downtime.

Customers might benefit from new features, improve and modernize their applications and there might be performance improvements and running cost reductions.

All in all, upgrading represents a better return on our client's investments.

There's no such thing as "one size fits all"

All upgrades begin with an assessment where information about the client's environment, dependent software, volume of changes, criticality of applications, key stakeholders and a number of other relevant information required to tailor the activities and effort necessary to the upgrade are gathered.

The output are comprehensive reports and a schedule of activities, helping our client to understand the risks, effort and activities involved as well as identifying the specific issues that might be encountered in the process.

Most of our client's choose to rely on Facet's experience to deliver the entire upgrade outcome whilst other choose to execute their upgrades leveraging on some technical oversight and advice.

How long does it take

As each upgrade is assessed on the specific client's circumstances, this can vary substantially.

Whilst a CA Gen upgrade is an occasional event for most Clients, for us it is something we do regularly, and have done successfully many many times.

Rest assured Facet that thrives in delivering the best cost effective CA Gen Upgrade possible to each and every client.

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