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How does Facet's training program work

At Facet we understand how critical knowledge transfer is for your applications.

That's why we have a CA Gen training program to bring your team up to speed, covering not just the core skills, but also:

How is the training delivered

We believe that such critical training to your team is best delivered in person, with an actual instructor, in your preferred location anywhere in the world.

We will train your team teams according to the relevant subjects to them. i.e. Development, encyclopedia administration, data modeling, etc.

Alternatively, we can also deliver the training online in a virtual class.

Can I have the training tailored to my team

Absolutely, just let us know what your needs are and we will trim or expand the training content accordingly.

Does Facet offer a "refresh" training course

If your organization already holds CA Gen knowledge, but there's a need to catch up with the tool's latest developments or get your team connected with it again, our instructor will work with your team to make it happen.