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What is re-platforming

In simple words, re-platforming is migrating one or multiple applications to a different technology, without changing the functionality. i.e. from IBM mainframe to Unix.

It's usually a time consuming, expensive, risky and labor intensive exercise. Although there are some automated tools in the market to ease the transition, there is no complete solution and the impact can still be critical.

Why re-platform

The drivers for different organizations can vary. The most common ones are:

How can CA Gen help with that

CA Gen provides one single development environment that can be used to maintain enterprise-scale applications and deploy to multiple platforms without the need to re-write the code in another language.

That means your developers will only need one set of skills to code your applications and deploy to multiple platforms.

How can Facet help my organization

If your applications are already in CA Gen, Facet can help you by providing a tailored comprehensive analysis, plan, and execution of your re-platforming project.

If your applications are not in CA Gen, Facet can transform your application into CA Gen, and you will benefit from its multi platform features.

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